Harrison Beck


Here are some projects that have inspired me lately: 

Barbie 60th Anniversary Pop-up

MKG created this totally thrilling pop-up for Barbie's 60th Anniversary. I love how it elegantly combined a classic brand aesthetic with an up-to-the-minute, mission-driven point of view. Like any successful narrative, it felt both familiar and surprising in joyful ways. 3/9/20

The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort

Ok, this is just hilarious:

United Entertainment Group created an ENTIRE HOTEL themed around Taco Bell and it’s loyal followers. The result was somehow both luxurious and deliciously low-brow.

Clearly it made a splash, because it sold out almost immediately and went viral just as fast. 8/9/19


How can we talk to clients about the value of live experience? The folks at Set Creative made an event for a fictitious brand to show just how powerful events can be in introducing audiences to messaging and helping them take action.

And that color! It was exquisitely detailed and beautifully designed. 1/2019