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This review for digital agency Verbal+Visual was part of a joint campaign with the world’s leading e-commerce platform to launch a new product. 

The article helped strengthen their relationship, securing a pipeline of new leads vital to the growth of the agency. 

Read the article here.

  • Blog posts like this one helped Verbal+Visual to clarify their brand positioning as the leading agency for sustainable brands. 

  • The result? A 200% increase in incoming leads over the following 6 months.

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This blog post directed at DTC change makers needed to strike the right balance between actionable data and compelling, aspirational story.

Content like this led to an over 50% increase in engagement over 3 months for digital agency Verbal+Visual.

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What's the perfect recipe for turning a dry tutorial into a mouth-watering morsel that's both fun and worthy of a re-share?

My answer was this contrapuntal confection made up of an indecisive couple, an informative narrator, and surprise guest from annals of scientific history.

Read a storyboard selection here.


Scripting and strategy development for digital series Supermission meant driving viewership for a show with over 100K followers and over 20M views.

The resulting audience increase led producers to double the monthly episode order from 6 to 12 new videos for the life of the series. 

Read one of the delightfully soap-opera-y scripts here.